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Water chillers

Ice Fox Air Conditioning Rental is a specialist when it comes to emergency cooling both in commercial and domestic segments. For several years now, we’ve been renting out portable water chillers of different sizes or capacities ranging from 60-1000tons to an eclectic variety of large-scale as well as small time businesses engaged in industries across-the-board. We’ve offered water chillers on hire to hospitals, warehouses, boiler plants, foundries, movie sets, power generation plants, iron & steel factories, and a host of other establishments engaged in manufacturing as well as providing services. We specialize not only in recommending a water chiller that is appropriate for a specific environment but also furnish installation and dismantling/disassembling services.

The chillers that we supply on rent come in perfectly handy for sufficiently cooling the surroundings where these are used. At the same time, these cooling equipment are also instrumental in enabling the smooth functioning of mechanical systems used in setups including but not limited to food processing units, ice rinks, emergency response, warehouses, cold storages, refineries, steel plants, power plants, chemical processing, plastic industries, metallurgical units and so on. Our transportable water chillers serve both centralized and decentralized cooling needs. As far as centralized chiller is concerned, it is very capacious and hence can serve a large area or multifarious cooling requirements.

On the other hand, a decentralized chiller is generally of a small size and therefore can serve only a specific cooling need and/or cool an area of specific dimensions. The benefits of using our water chillers are:-

  • Dehumidify and/or cool any large, medium, and small institutional, industrial or commercial facility
  • Thermodynamic efficiency of chillers is enhanced owing to the same being outfitted with cooling towers
  • Owing to water having a higher thermal mass in comparison to air the resultant cooling effect is not only more perceptible but also subject to less fluctuations compared to air coolers
  • Water chillers also have more effective ‘turndown’ capacity thereby enabling the equipment to deliver improved dehumidification and efficient temperature control

You can always give us a call or get in touch with us whenever you need to rent a water chiller. We will recommend you the right chiller for your environment or setting as well as carry out the installation and removal of the unit on a short notice.