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Semi Truck

Are you in-charge of a supermarket store where you’ve to carry out renovations or refurbishments periodically and therefore need to make interim arrangements for keeping superstore items chilled? Or you could be someone running a catering service where maintaining the freshness of raw, semi and fully-processed food items is unquestionably critical? Regardless of the industrial segment or sector you’re in and no matter whatever your cooling or freezing requirements are, you can always bank upon Ice Fox Mobile Air-conditioning rental either for short-term hiring or long-term leasing of refrigerated semi-trucks/semi-trailers. We make available two basic types of step-in semi-trucks or cold-storages.

In case you need to store perishable/temperature-sensitive items on a stop-gap basis or transport the same on short notice, then opting for a deepfreeze semi-truck with multiple temperature zones is ideal. On the other hand, if you need to maintain a consistent temperature in order to sustain the freshness or originality of the stored/transportable items for the entire rental period, then choosing a semi-truck unit with a homogenous temperature environment is recommended. Following are some of the unique features of our deepfreeze and refrigeration semi-trailers:-

  • Extensive- Some of the trailers have a length of up to 26ft
  • Huge payload- The most capacious units have a payload of 8,000 lbs
  • Dual Powering- The boxed containers can be customized to run on either diesel or electricity
  • Flexible loading- Units can be stacked or loaded using forklifts
  • Capacious fuel tank- Fuel tanks of the largest semi-trailers can carry up to 70 gallons of diesel
  • Heavy duty and advanced motor trucks- Every truck towing the trailer unit is outfitted with air brakes, power steering, AUX/USB unit, automatic transmission, power-driven lift-gates, seating capacity for at least four, and air-conditioning
  • Specialized deepfreeze transport- Deepfreeze transportable semi-trucks have inbuilt isothermal appliance or gadgets at one end of the inside walled panel for maintaining or sustaining the temperatures of the sequential cooling chain
  • Air flappers- Specially constructed flappers keep the interior of the trailers well-ventilated
  • Cooling curtains- Access doors have curtains in front in order to keep the cold air from escaping out and prevent hot air from outside entering in


Our refrigeration semi-trailers/trucks are hired by warehouses, supermarkets, retail chains, postal, correctional facilities/prisons, pharmaceutical, nursing homes, military and many other industries.