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Restoration Firms

Restoration firms and companies provide renovation or reconstruction services to numerous establishments engaged in commercial, educational,government, healthcare, historic, multi-family, religious, and retail segments.The restoration services include chemical cleaning, sealant replacement, sheet metal design, drying of damp areas, repairing plumbing system, and HVAC equipment rental/servicing. For several years now, we at Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental have been serving restoration firms and contractors by supplying them with HVAC systems which they in turn rent out to their clients.

Our complete or full-scale rental or leasing package comprise not only supplying the equipment but also include installation, maintenance and servicing, and dismantling of the same. We supply air-conditioners, cooling towers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, air handlers, negative air machines, spot coolers, chillers, and generators. We supply equipment to restoration firms who forward the same to sites where it is pressed into service during a preplanned shutdown, emergency situation or for routine maintenance.