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Renting refrigerators is quite unusual but it can work wonders if you’re with the right company. We at Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals provide advanced refrigeration rental service that can be useful for various clients. Our equipment varies from portable cooling refrigerators to high-end industrial refrigerators. Portable refrigeration service will mainly help out residential areas for simple household requirements, whereas the high-end advanced refrigerators are required in manufacturing units.
Our company also provides customized refrigeration units that are aggregated to match the requirements of larger areas too. These units are suitable for areas that require temporary or permanent cooling systems. If you require an immediate service then you can contact our emergency service and our professionals will get back to you within minutes. You can be rest assured that you will get what you need and there is no compromise on quality.

At our company you get freezer trailer rentals, walk-in refrigeration rental as well as walk-in freezer rental. We provide both ground units as well as trailer units; our customized services are aimed to help clients in different sectors. If you’re planning an event or a party then it would be wise to rent a refrigeration device. This device is quite effective in preserving the freshness of your food, it is highly recommended for events that last for few days. Any party that serves wine or beer requires refrigerators as well. You need to keep everything in mind before you go ahead with the planning part. For all your temporary requirements you can come up to us and consult with our professionals. The professionals will provide you the best possible solution depending on the type of event you’re planning.

Manufacturing units that have refrigeration devices can opt for our service if they face issue with their current equipment. If there is a maintenance or repair work going on for your present refrigeration equipment then you can rent our freezing equipment as long as you want. You can rent these devices for 3 months or three years, the time period does not matter to us. You can have them for as long as you want.

With our rental service you get the following advantages:

  • Large refrigerators are perfect for storing all your meals and vegetables for a long time. They have a separate freezer compartment and a separate area for normal cooling.
  • Micro chill refrigerators consist of combination of three units. You get refrigerator, freezer and microwave with this equipment. A three in one unit is good enough for a large family to meet all their needs.
  • Compact refrigerators are specifically made for students living in hostels. They can use these units to preserving food and keeping important things that they require on daily basis.
  • We focus on keeping it cost effective and provide you regular service from time to time. Our mission is to form a long term relationship with all our clients by providing them end to end solutions. We understand the importance of word of mouth referrals and build our portfolio based on that.