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Negative Air Machines

Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental Agency is one of the leading suppliers of rental HVAC equipment including air scrubbers and negative air machines.Negative air machines and air scrubbers as HVAC bits and pieces are primarily used to improve the air quality of interior environments and spaces. Although both negative air machine and air scrubber serve the same purpose (the reason why both terms are often used interchangeably), the mechanism used by the two types of apparatuses for air filtration are distinct or separate. A negative air machine makes use of a duct to exhaust or drive out the polluted air outside whereas an air scrubber simply re-circulates the filtered air to the adjacent areas.

We’ve garnered sufficient experience in recommending the appropriate negative air machine (the specificity of the equipment is determined by the amount or volume of air it can filter calculated in terms of cubic feet meter or CFM) for a specific jobsite. Our negative air machines can effectively restore the original air quality of the indoor or interior environment for our
customers. The quality of indoor air can be greatly compromised and impacted resulting from cleaning of carpets, drying or dehumidification of moist areas, sewage cleanup, and fire damage. Such jobs release millions of microscopic particles, microbes, soot particles, dust particles, and VOCs.

Additionally, combustion appliances, paints, adhesives, cigarette smoke,vehicle exhaust, deodorants, dyes, solvents, and even preparation of food also lead to discharge of contaminants into the air. The negative air machines that we provide on project-to- project as well as long-term basis are instrumental in creating a safer and cleaner indoor area for occupants or clients. All our machines are equipped advanced HEPA and carbon filters that are extremely efficient in filtering contaminated air to a pre-loss state. The larger versions can be effectively pressed into service for lead abatement, asbestos removal, and mold clearing. Following are some standardized features of our negative air machines:-

 Filtration in three stages

 Larger particles are sucked in the 1 st and 2 nd stages and fine, microscopic

particles are pulled in or captured in the 3 rd stage

 Offers relief to asthmatic, sinus, and allergy patients

We will supply negative air machines to your site at reasonable rates and on convenient terms.