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Mobile Kitchens

Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental apart from furnishing a range of rental HVAC equipment also provides different types of mobile kitchens on long-term lease and short-term hire. The flexibility in the rental and lease packages makes it convenient for the customer to opt for a plan that not only caters to his operational requirements but is also within his budget. Renting is a suitable option when the requirement or need is of a seasonal nature or when some unexpected or contingent catering demand has to be met. Leasing a mobile kitchen, on the other hand, is more suitable when the demand (for supplying food) lasts for an extensive period, say for about 6 months. We not only supply equipment but also deliver and install the same and therefore the latter services can also be negotiated upon to be included in the package.

We make a range of mobile kitchens including skid kitchens, kitchen trucks, modular complexes, modular kitchens, and kitchen trailers. A skid kitchen is a compact version of a standard mobile kitchen that is suitable for use in areas where space is at a premium. Depending upon your specific needs, we can provide standardized or a customized unit outfitted with electrical or gas kitchen appliances. A skid kitchen, as the terminology implies, can be easily transported as well as convenient to relocate, restructure, and maintain. Mobile kitchen trucks, available in various capacities or sizes are fully independent, standalone units that are:-

  • Thoroughly customizable
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art cooking and food preparation appliances
  • Compatible with a catering trailer

Modular kitchen complex is what you should go for if you need to cater to a large group usually in a military or school setup. The modular complex can allow up to 350 people to be served simultaneously and the complex can be configured in infinite number of ways. Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental specializes in portable kitchen trailers available in different sizes but can also be configured or customized as per the customer’s needs. These kitchen trailers have anti-skid stainless steel flooring that can be cleaned easily and you get full leeway in selecting from an assortment of appliances and backup equipment.