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Mini Trailers

We at Ice Fox Mobile Air-conditioning Rental offer a wide range of portable, on-site and off-site ground HVAC equipment on rent both for your short-term and long-term heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning requirements. Amongst the different HVAC units we lease out, refrigerated small or mini trailers happen to be prominent amongst these. Our mini refrigerated trailers can be rented by just about any individual or institution looking to keep specific goods or items cool or chilled for a limited time period. These trailer rentals are ideal for anybody who needs to refrigerate things but is unable to do so because of lack of sufficient space to install an AC or any refrigeration/cooling equipment.

Needless to say, buying our small refrigeration trailers is a feasible option if and when you need to refrigerate for short or stop-gap time, spans on a regular basis. Nevertheless, purchasing the unit requires you to invest a handsome amount which you can expect to recoup after a long time. On top of that you’ll have to apportion an amount periodically for the trailer’s maintenance. Owing to these hassles, event planners and caterers find it more convenient to hire the units that enable them to save both time and resources which they channelize into their core business. Hiring our chilled mini-trailers has numerous benefits:-

  • Extremely customizable/flexible: We’re in a position to offer you an unit perfectly personalized or customized for your needs-apart from electric models, you can opt for ones that can also be run on diesel and gasoline as well as choose a trailer with a galvanized body
  • Sturdy construction: Our trailers remain serviceable for years
  • Easily towable: We use advanced towing machines and towing systems to ensure easy towing.
  • Instantly usable: Both packaging as well as customizing is done in a manner that makes our products instantly usable.
  • Competitive rates offered for renting: We offer competitive pricing which is better than most of our competitors.

Hiring a mini refrigeration trailer from Ice Fox Mobile Air-Conditioning is not only convenient but at the same time works out much cheaper than renting a full-size or large transport truck. These small refrigerated portable step-in containers are extensively hired by caterers and suppliers for wedding receptions, marriage anniversaries, birthday parties, food festivals, sporting events, church picnics, seasonal storage, golfing events, prom parties, corporate outings, alma mater celebrations, family reunions, and other occasions. We make sure that the unit we deliver to you is spotlessly clean, readily towable, and of course ready to be used instantly. If you need quote for our mini trailer on an emergency basis, please don’t hesitate to call or mail us.