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Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental has achieved a high degree of specialty in supplying a diversity of HVAC equipment including but not limited to air conditioners, chillers, cooling towers, generators, air scrubbers, negative air machines, and dehumidifiers. Our HVAC inventory are essentially procured on rent or lease for emergency, project-based, and long-term heating, ventilation,and air-conditioning needs. Every item, product, or equipment is checked thoroughly just to make sure that the same operates smoothly without developing any glitches. In case our rental equipment develops a fault or breaks down during operation, we immediately deploy technician to the site for repairing or servicing the apparatus.

The rental HVC paraphernalia that we provide has a significant role to play in nearly every segment of industry, trade & commerce, research, and science.Following are some of the sectors where the different bits and equipment are used:-

 Chemicals

 Infrastructure and construction

 F&B

 Electronics

 Laboratories

 Glass

 Hospitality

 Travel & Tourism

 Metallurgy

 Medical

 Pharmaceuticals

 Rubber & plastics

 Power & Energy

 Transport

 Refining

 Wastewater treatment