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If you’re employed in a job where maintaining the perfect working environment to enable employees to work at optimum efficiency levels is one of your prime responsibilities, then leasing an HVAC equipment from Ice Fox Mobile Air-Conditioning Rental would serve you well. We at Ice Fox have been leasing out HVAC rental equipment in order to meet the huge commercial demand for temporary/emergency heating & cooling requirements. Apart from renting out an extensive range of refrigeration or chilling equipment, we also provide a variety of industrial heating systems.

At Ice Fox, we make available on-site heating systems, stop-gap or temporary rental heaters, and full-scale heating units both for indoor and outdoor occasions in winters. All kinds of establishments and entrepreneurial enterprises have rented our sweeping range of heaters for wedding receptions, performances, concerts, food festivals, industrial/commercial fairs and exhibitions, construction sites, seminars, symposiums, and so on. We offer on lease direct fired kerosene heaters, portable industrial dehumidifier, portable make-up air heaters, 50kw-200Kw generator trailers, portable steam heater, indirect fired heaters, propane & natural gas direct fired heaters, electric heaters, and hydronic heaters.

Following are some of the advantages of using our various heating equipment:-

  • Multiple ways of heating up the air in a diversity of environments
  • A wide range of sizes or capacities starting from 50kw to 200Kw with voltages from 230V (single-phase)-480V (three-phase)
  • Multifarious applications including general construction, oilfields, mining sites, dehumidification, pest control, industrial painting, and concrete curing.

Regardless of whether you’re working in a warehouse or catering for a seasonal occasion or event like an outdoor wedding reception or an open-air during the winter, the chilly weather can be a deterrent. Can you imagine the scenario if your heating system malfunctions or breaks down at such an opportune period? In case your heating mechanism or system develops a fault or stops working then you can get in touch with Ice Fox Mobile Air-Conditioning Rental for an on the spot redressal.

As a specialist provider of HVAC equipment on rent, we furnish an eclectic range of heating systems including but not limited to indirect fired heaters, electric heaters with generator facility, portable hydronic heaters, natural gas direct fired heaters, propane direct-fired heaters, steam/hot water boilers on trailers, and so on. Our heating equipment are well-adapted to meet both your emergency and planned projects requirement.