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Industrial Refrigerant Dehumidifiers


Specializing in furnishing a comprehensive range of HVAC apparatuses and paraphernalia, Ice Fox Mobile Air-Conditioning also has several years of experience in renting out industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers as well as small (LGR or low-grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers. Our dehumidifiers come in perfectly handy when you need to dehumidify i.e. remove moisture or bring down the ambient RH (relative humidity) to a more comfortable level. There are basically two distinct types of dehumidifiers-‘dessicant’/absorbent dehumidifier that make use of a specialized hygroscopic or moisture-absorbing material and the mechanical or industrial refrigerant dehumidification system.

The former serves the purpose when you need to maintain the RH level in the range of 45%-1% whereas the latter type (whose applications are more widespread) is generally used in the environments where the RH exceeds 45%. We make available 6 tons, 12.5 tons, 25 tons, 50 tons, and 80 tons mechanical dehumidifiers (powered by 480V, three-phase electric supply) for all-encompassing use in offices, homes, and some specific industries. Our industrial dehumidifiers are used for the following purposes in confined areas and spaces:-

  • Dehumidifying during the height of the summer season when the atmospheric relative humidity is unusually high
  • Cooling the interior of overhead cisterns, tanks, and water supply pipes in order to cater to OSHA (occupational safety and health act) stipulations
  • Controlling and drying body perspiration or sweat that doesn’t easily evaporate when the RH is abnormally high causing a high degree of discomfiture
  • Drying up condensation droplets accumulating on the outer surfaces of cold-water conduits
  • Cooling down HVAC systems operating for long hours under extremely sultry conditions
  • Preventing the formation of mildews, molds, and fungal growth that can cause dankness to innumerable items leading to irreversible damage
  • Exterminating insects like moths, cockroaches, millipedes, termites, fleas and microbes like spores or bacteria as well as prevention their thriving
  • Keeping passages, corridors, hallways, crawling spaces, bedrooms, cubicles, foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, indoor swimming pools, workshops, and warehouses thoroughly dry

Our commercial refrigerant dehumidifiers find large-scale applications in food processing, food packaging, machining and grinding, and printing industries. The industrial dehumidifiers have:-

  • Dual bank heating system
  • Fused or combined disconnect
  • Provision/changeover for supply duct
  • Skid have lifting eyes
  • Separate switch toggles for blower, cooling compressor, and heater

Just give us a call or send a mail if you wish to know more about our industrial refrigerant dehumidifiers.