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Indirect-Fired Temporary Heaters


Ice Fox Mobile Air-Conditioning Rental continues to be one of USA’s prime providers of an across-the-board heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems on short-term as well as long-term lease. We at Ice Fox Mobile have entrenched our goodwill by making available an eclectic array of heaters to meet both emergency/ad-hoc and sustained heating requirements on easy rental terms & conditions to a diversity of industries. We supply direct/indirect-fired heaters, steam heaters, hot water heaters, electric fan/radiant heaters, hydronic heaters, infrared heaters, flameless heaters, natural gas heaters, and high static blowers.

Our indirect-fired heaters in general are set up outdoors to redirect heated air inside the building or premises via a duct. The functioning mechanism of the indirect-fired heater is somewhat akin to a domestic furnace where external air is made to pass through a blower unit and heat exchanger leading to the channeling out of combustible/exhaust effluents and toxic fumes. We stock both natural gas (propane & butane) and oil-based indirect-fired heaters. Our entire range of direct/indirect make-up as well as re-circulating heaters meets the OHSA environmental safety norms.

As far as our natural gas-based indirect heating units are concerned, the flame is enclosed in the burn chamber (without allowing the blaze to escape into the blowing unit) that heats up the ‘heat exchanger’. The primary function of the heat exchanger is to heat the cool air circulating around it blown in by the blower unit.  Some of the unique benefits and features of our indirect-fired temporary heaters are:-

  • The heated air directed indoors is completely dry and clean-hence safe to inhale
  • The units are equipped with thermostats
  • Blower units are AMCA/OHSA certified thereby guaranteeing effective airflow essential for efficient operation
  • Chassis or framework constructed from industrial-grade galvanized steel to prevent corrosion thus ensuring extended functional life
  • Trial tests conducted before supplying the unit makes sure there are minimal operational issues
  • High on flexibility-units can be installed outdoor and indoor as well as vertically and horizontally

The indirect-fired heaters have a heat output capacity ranging from 2, 50, 000 BtU/Hr-6, 00, 0000 BtU/Hr with air-throw varying from 3,500 CFM-94,000 CFM. Our indirect-fired oil and natural gas heaters are hired by telecommunication establishments, catering services, hospitals, server maintenance firms, warehouses, and construction sites.