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Ice Arenas

Extremes of temperature and inclement weather are the two major hurdles that any ice arena or snow-filled indoor stadium has to confront. During the summer season, extremely high temperatures coupled with high RH can put an undue stress on the artificial cooling system or HVAC system. On the other hand, during the winter months, when daytime or nighttime temperatures plummet to several degrees below ˚0 centigrade in many parts of the country,components in the installed HVAC or synthetic ice cooling system in many ice-skating rinks and arenas go kaput.

Consequently, the event organizer or the sports authority has to cancel the program or event. Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental outfit has garnered widespread experience in furnishing a range of HVAC equipment on project- to-project as well as on a sustainable basis that serve as excellent backup equipment helping the main system to function smoothly. We supply air handlers, water and air-cooled chillers, and dehumidifiers that not only help in maintaining an even temperature indoors for a long time period but also contribute towards dehumidification thereby keep RH at the required level.