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Hazardous Materials

Temporary Air-Conditioners Rental is one of the prime providers of rental HVAC equipment to a large number of establishment and firms engaged in various commercial/industrial segments. Of all the various sectors where we deliver our temperature control and power generation equipment,organizations with hazardous jobsites and environments happen to be one of our major customer segment. Almost any and every factory or production unit leaves behind some waste products or effluents at various stage of the manufacturing process most of which are hazardous or toxic and hence unsafe from the viewpoint of one’s health and hygiene.

A significant proportion of such waste or refuge is generated in the form of airborne microbes, VOCs, allergens, chemical vapors and fumes, chemical pollutants released from the use of combustible gases, vehicle exhaust, building materials, dyes, solvents, and pesticides etc. Temporary Air-Conditioners proffers desiccant and LGR dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, fans,blowers, air circulators and negative air machines that are extremely effective in enhancing the indoor air quality of jobsites.