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Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental agency has a pan US network comprising more than 100 locations that has been catering to institutional clients’ power generation, supply, and distributional needs for many years. Our rental power generation equipment include a fleet of modernized containerized diesel gen-sets that operate silently for supplying electricity across a swathe of industries in different situations. We supply these diesel generators to job sites and work environments where normal power supply is not readily available. Alternatively, our generators are also transported and installed in areas plagued by frequent outages or power cuts as well as for serving as a backup to the main system in zones where the total demand for electricity (measured in kilowatts or kilowatt hour) far outstrips supply.

So that essential services are continually provided and not hampered in any way is the main reason why our customers opt for the diesel generators. The silent, canopied or containerized diesel generators that we proffer on interim/ makeshift or extended lease basis have the following exclusive features that translates into unique benefits for our clients:-

  • Power supply capacity of the equipment ranges from 500kVA to 2500kVA (the containerized ones have a capacity range of 65kVA to 500kVA)
  • The equipment is highly energy-efficient, sound attenuated, and autonomous enable the same to be used for meeting low, moderate or large-scale power requirements
  • The apparatuses come mounted on stable platform, always ready to be loaded on trailers or trucks and transported to a construction site, large factory, commercial project, and so on
  • A mechanized equipment management system that helps maximize/optimize power output while regulating fuel consumption as well as emissions

We accord top priority to safety and therefore all the generators have built in MCCBs (molded-case circuit breakers) and adaptable current devices for safeguarding against unexpected short-circuits or earthing faults. Our power generation equipment is also eco-friendly as the fuel tank is bunded, sound output is minimized, and emissions are controlled. What are the advantages that accrue to you if you hire our diesel generators?

  • No need for capital investments
  • No storage costs
  • Check costly breakdowns
  • No hassles and costs incurred for maintenance
  • Job gets accomplished effectively
  • The option to go for a trial offer