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Dehumidifying \ Water Damage Equipment

Dehumidifiers are really effective when it comes to controlling moisture and temperature in construction industries. Eliminating moulds and harmful bacteria is easier with the help of effective dehumidifiers. Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals provide advanced dehumidifiers that help you in getting rid of any kind of HVAC deficiency and improve your indoor air quality. Renting this equipment can be a good option as you would use them only when you face problems with the indoor air quality.
We have wide range of dehumidifiers that range from high-end industrial equipment to portable ones that are used in home. Moisture generally tends to disturb the internal environment of your house and commercial places. The problem increases if there are mold and mildew formations. You can rent these dehumidifiers from us and get portable dehumidifiers for your house. It is not only limited for residential purpose as we also make equipment that are suitable for commercial areas too.

The benefits that you get with our dehumidifiers are:

  • Prevention of mold growth
  • Helps in reducing joint compound in few hours
  • Eliminates any need for cleaning and permanent ducting
  • It helps in keeping the temperature normal and less humid
  • Using it in construction sites reduces any stress on building materials
  • Improves hardwood stabilization

We provide refrigerant dehumidifiers that help in getting rid of dry air from different areas of the house. This can be really effective for your offices as well, as it improves the work environment in offices. So if you’re on the lookout for effective dehumidifiers then look no further than Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals.