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There are HVAC equipment rental firms and there is Ice Fox Mobile Air-conditioning Rental. Being in the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning commercial sector for many years now, we’ve been successful in carving out a niche segment for ourselves. After entrenching ourselves in the HVAC rental market, we started exploring the lease market for refrigerated container, chiller, freezer, and ice-plant. For some years now, we’ve ventured into renting out portable compact step-in coolers and refrigerated containers. Our coolers, freezers, and containers can be conveniently used for freezing perishable items as well as storing and preserving chilled items. We presently make available 20’ refrigeration containers and step-in coolers and 40’ refrigerated containers.

Our containers use branded refrigeration mechanisms including Carrier and Hitachi, and are fully insulated facilitating the storage of a range of products at controlled/desired temperatures. The cooling system of these reefer containers are powered by an external 430V or 230V 3-phase power instead of running on diesel gen-sets. Since these units are driven by electrical power they tend to be environmental-friendly as well as quieter. Therefore, we’ve an edge over our competitors who hire out portable reefers and cold storages powered by diesel as our ‘green units’ don’t emit any toxic pollutants and are more cost-efficient. Some of the unique features common to both our 20’ and 40’ refrigeration containers and step-in cold storages are as follows:-

  • Durable, hard-wearing, and flexible T-rail flooring constructed out of aluminum rendering the units capable of withstanding wear and tear when handled by forklifts and manual or powered pallet jacks
  • Double freight doors (with safety release on the inside end) that can be easily locked and opened for quick access/step-in units have a single large door at one side
  • LED lights inbuilt on the inside of the doors for complete illumination
  • Exterior and interior walled panels fabricated from stainless steel
  • Temperature monitoring and setting gauge at the edge of the door that displays the internal temperature on a LCD screen (the temperature can be set in the range of 0°-40°F

We not only offer flexible standardized rental packages to cater to our customers’ short-term needs as well as the refrigerated storing requirements in the long run. We offer quotes, pick-up and drop rates following an inspection of the site.