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Commercial High Rise

Installing HVAC equipment in a skyscraper or high-rise commercial complex can be a challenge for any OEM or rental equipment supplier. High-rise structures owing to their elevation have indoor and outdoor climates that are quite different from the climatic conditions at lower or ground levels. The atmosphere at higher altitudes is more rarefied that is temperatures are lower and the wind speed or air movement force is higher.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the heating, ventilation, and cooling systems that are installed at heights 400 to 500 feet above the ground shouldn’t be only be extremely durable but also enable the building manager or property owner to save on operation, maintenance, and servicing costs.

Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental is one of the prime suppliers of rental HVAC systems to several high rise complexes and skyscrapers throughout USA. We stock specialized HVAC equipment for tall structures and buildings that take up minimal installation space, consume minimal energy for functioning efficiently, and are robust enough to tolerate wear and tear.