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Climate System

Developing efficient climate control systems both for commercial and domestic areas is really important. Working and living comfortably is not just limited to keeping warm in the winter season or cooling down in summers. There are several other aspects associated with the climate that have a defining role to play in keeping yourself hale and hearty. At Temporary Air-Conditioning we’re aware of the need to maintain the delicate balance amongst and between humidity, temperature, and clean purified air to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Cooling systems: Our rental cooling and/or refrigeration systems inventory include a myriad assortment of equipment which has been procured from OEMs. Hence, there can’t be any doubt about the same as far as their performance and durability are concerned. Industrial or commercial work environments need heavy duty equipment that can serve large areas. We provide spot coolers, air-conditioners (of different capacities), and central air-conditioning units capable of keeping balanced air circulation in massive manufacturing units.

An industrial zone can remain air-conditioned by dispelling surplus heat. The central cooling mechanism takes in heat and transfers the same to the liquid refrigerant. Freon is generally used as a liquid refrigerant as it has proven its effectiveness in cooling and bringing down the temperature. The ducting channels out the hot, vapid air as well as in removing contaminants, impurities and airborne dust particles.
You can hire our cooling accessories including but not limited to perimeter ducts, vents, ducting fixtures, and thermostats. We have water-cooled and air-cooled chillers that cool down the hot air rising upwards in interior environments during summer.

Our rental stock of HVAC equipment also comprises of dehumidifiers and heaters. We’re cognizant of the fine details related to efficient heating systems and therefore ensure that the customers have access to quality results. Climate control systems comprise:-

1.Conduction:- Talking about conductive mode of heating, the heat is transmitted via solids. In this context, it is crucial to ascertain that the material’s quality or texture is not sacrificed. For instance, if somebody wants to make use of any quality heating equipment in their commercial unit, then he or she should ensure that the same has been constructed out of iron instead of wood. Iron is a good conductor of heat whereas wood acts as an insulator.

2.Radiation:- Heat moves via cooler surfaces and the behavior is a tad akin to the transmission of light. Heat transmitted through the radiation mode doesn’t heat up the medium but the ultimate object turns extremely hot. Equipment outfitted with efficient radiation components and insulators are very crucial for industrial concerns. These apparatuses can be procured from Temporary Air-Conditioning on rent on easy terms and conditions.

3.Convection:- The hot indoor surface tends to heat up the air in the surrounding environment. Once the warm air rise, the vacuum created is taken up by the cool air, and the phenomenon is repeated. Though the terms are somewhat technical, it is nevertheless significant to comprehend these terms so as to service industrial units.

Dehumidifiers: We also supply quality dehumidifiers that help in removing excessive moisture from the air. If your jobsite or work environment doesn’t have quality dehumidifiers then performance of your employees will suffer or machinery may not function properly whenever RH levels become very high. Humidifiers can help check moisture build up as well as purify the ambient air.