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Air Scrubbers \ Filtrations

Air scrubbers can be really useful for areas with large amount of debris. The powerful filtration technology used in the scrubbers available for rent helps in cleaning construction sites and creates a healthy environment. We have been providing air scrubbers to several construction companies At Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals; we have wide variety of scrubbing equipment that can be used in homes as well as large construction sites. The portable equipment available for rent is suitable for homes that go through remodeling and renovation projects.

We don’t believe in limiting ourselves and provide large air scrubbers that can be used in industries as well as in the areas that generate huge amount of contaminants. Whether you’re a small business owner or a major construction company, we always have a solution for you. The powerful air scrubbing equipment is suitable for remodeling sites and demolition areas. Our products provide you following advantages:
You can link three units through the power outlet
The advanced filtration technology helps in getting rid of harmful contaminants
Our scrubbers are can easily function in horizontal position for small spaces
The machines can be used at variable speeds ranging from 250 to 500 CFM of airflow
You are provided with filter compartment caps that are effective in containing harmful particulates

Our air scrubbers are not only limited to construction or remodeling areas. We also provide equipment that can be used in flood recovery zones to get rid of air-borne viruses and harmful bacteria. Our emergency lines are always open for you and you can contact our professionals whenever you want. We provide clear instructions with the air scrubbers once you rent them from us. These instruction manuals are really important for trouble shooting any problems that may arise. You can even get in touch with our professionals to get effective maintenance services.
We understand the importance of clean air that makes your workplace dirt free. These air scrubbers help in getting rid of harmful bacteria and clean harmful solvents. To make your place free from harmful fumes contact us and rent your air scrubber now.