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Air handlers


Ice Fox Mobile Air-Conditioning Rental is a well-known business entity that lets out an eclectic range of HVAC equipment to different commercial firms/organizations both big and small. Of all the environmental heating and cooling systems we supply, air handlers are rented by industrial and commercial entities having computer rooms, medical departments, production areas, maintenance services, hospital rooms etc. Air handlers are perfectly suitable for cooling equipment and/or processes at least on a temporary basis that may not be possible to air-condition on a normal basis. We make available air-handlers for hiring in order to fulfill your air-conditioning requirements for the interim period when your standardized equipment is being replaced, upgraded or serviced.

The air handlers we supply cover a range of 1,000-88,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). We stock up and inventory diverse design configurations of air handlers to suit multiple site conditions. The basic/main features of our air handlers are as follows:-

  • Thoroughly stackable or loadable
  • Smooth operation without any fluctuations
  • Equipped with steam coils
  • Freezer units
  • Freezer units have automatic defrost mechanism

We supply terminal units which are actually suitable for using in indoor environments and are of small size. These units are also referred to as fan coil or blower coils air handlers. The larger versions are called makeup air units and have the capability to condition atmospheric or outside air almost fully. The large units which don’t re-circulate treated air are designed for use on rooftops.  The air handlers that we supply on rent are largely used for comfort heating & cooling, temperature control, dehumidification, and for every other setting.

We’re on standby round the clock and throughout the year as well as guarantee to respond at the earliest. Our strong commitment to offering quality service also makes us competent to deal with emergency situations. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, we make sure that you’re able to keep conducting your daily business smoothly and efficiently. Just give us a call or send us an email so that we can help you out with renting an air-handler appropriate for your business needs.