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Air Conditioners


Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals provide air conditioners on rent for residential as well as commercial spaces. We have wide variety of cooling chillers that can be used for full facility systems. Irrelevant of the fact whether you require them for two months or two years, we are always there for you. When you’re looking for air conditioners on emergency basis look no further than Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals. Our inventory consists of both industrial as well as portable air conditioners. The temporary air conditioning equipment provided by our firm has cooling capacity ranging from 20 tons to more than 400 tons. It completely depends on the requirements of the consumer to rent an HVAC system that fulfills their needs.

The advantages that our clients get at Ice Fox mobile air conditioning rentals are:

They get HVAC systems that are effective for moisture sensitive areas.

  • You can easily use them in heated server rooms.
  • Our high-end air conditioners can easily cool large areas.
  • Our equipments are effective for maintaining optimum process temperatures in commercial places.
  • The air conditioners are explosion proof and they are custom manufactured for industrial areas.
  • Our low capacity cooling equipment are quite effective for commercial purposes as well as schools. They are quickly delivered for emergency situations without any disturbance in your work.
  • Maintaining proper temperature in commercial spaces is vital as it helps in keeping the employees comfortable. In a situation when your A/C is not working and you’re looking for a replacement just make a call and we will deliver portable air conditioners without wasting any time.
  • The high-end industrial air conditioners can be rented for motor control centers, manufacturing areas, overheated transformers and similar industries. Industrial cooling systems generally have capacities ranging from 80 ton to 400 tons for providing effective cooling solutions. While you are getting your existing air conditioners repaired you can call us and we’ll get you a perfect substitute.

We take pride in providing rental equipments in almost every area surrounding California and focus in meeting customer satisfaction. Our inventory has got better with time and their applications will surely provide you value for your money.