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Air Circulators

Temporary Air-Conditioning Rental has played a defining role in helping out promoters and contractors of turnkey construction/restoration projects who’re always under extreme pressure to complete the assignments within prescribed timelines. To be specific, we supply air circulators on rental as well as lease basis that are instrumental in removing dust particles, VOCs, airborne
microbes, and contaminants that are left behind following expedited concretization of building structures and components owing to application of heat insulation. Speeded up heat application process causes dampness or moisture which if not cleared may result in irreversible structural damage. Our air circulators are effective in thoroughly filtering contaminated air that on one hand removes innumerable impurities, and on the other dehumidifies the air.

Therefore, the air circulators that we offer on rent or lease can also be used in conjunction with air scrubbers or dehumidifiers for intensifying the process of air circulation. Expediting the technique of air circulation thereby leads to speeded up evaporation resulting in restoring the environment to its pre-loss condition. Consequently, the health or wellbeing of all is not unwarrantedly endangered by particulate matter or airborne contaminants. Using air scrubbers for filtering the air also goes a long way in saving up on heating expenses that goes up on an incremental basis whenever conventional heating or dehumidifying equipment is used for soaking up moisture.

Combining the use of dehumidifiers or air scrubbers with air circulators, the normal flow of air is accelerated that subsequently expedites the evaporation process. Even if a powerful or high capacity air circulator is used independently, the air in circulation gusts over the dampened surface at a high speed soaking up the moisture in a manner similar to a swab or mop.Following are some extraordinary features the air circulators that we provide:-

 The fan comprising of large and wide blades sits inside a hard wearing steel framing

 The maximum capacity of air that is circulated and filtered is 8,000 CFM which means the equipment is effective in doing its job over large confined spaces

 Anti-skid platform helps in stable positioning

 Equipped with trolley-bag style wheels facilitating in moving equipment conveniently from one location to other